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Robin Ceiling Track Hoist

The Invacare Robin ceiling track hoist provides a unique and innovative method of transfer - unlike the majority of systems available today.

Unlike standard fitted and mobile hoists the two strap design has no obstructive spreader bar, offering a safe and comfortable transfer with better client and carer contact at all times during the transfer process.

The Robin can be configured with fitted straight or curved rails, H track systems and also portable gantry tracks, offering you many options.

It can even be installed utilising plasterboard walls when the ceiling itself is unsuitable!




  •  Unique – only ceiling track hoist without a spreader bar

  •  Innovative – designed to focus on maximising client contact

  • The solution – optimal interaction and helps clients with proximity issues


How a Robin Ceiling Track Hoist help to improve client interaction?

Robin DualRobin Dual Strap

Improved client experience

  • Dual-tape system – No spreader bar
  • Less infringement of personal space
  • Reduced risk of injury or contact with spreader bar
  • No passage of equipment in front of client during lifting/lowering
  • No equipment in front of client whilst sling applied
  • Forward spasm/low tone
  • No need to manage spreader bar during transfer
  • Open field of vision
  • Uninterrupted eye contact
  • Allows for continuous non-verbal communication
  • No issues from clients who have problems with things being close to their face (Proximity issues)


 Additional Benefits

hoist with no spreader bar

Self-adjusting tapes

Unlike conventional hoists with spreader bars, the Robin is self adjusting and can easily accomodate clients of different sizes. If you need a wider position, a simple widening bar can be attached which takes the tapes wider.

  • Adjusts to size of client
  • Improved position in sling 
  • Ease of positioning allows more thought to be focused on communicating


robin hoist

Rotating barrel and self-locking hook fixing

  • Full flexibility when positioning
  • Tension ensures straps stay in place – secure for client
  • Metal - so remote control can be attached durning the lift


robin - ceiling track hoist system

 Free Rolling trolley

  • Free-rolling trolley and 360 degree rotating cassette
  • Allows hoist to self align
  • Less physical strain on care staff
  • Low noise of cassette
  • Allows client to be rotated to any angle without repositioning the hoist


The Robin Hoist Compliments Single Handed Care

  • Overhead hoist - core equipment
  • Robin – ease of use
  • Reduced care packages
  • Both hands free for optimal care
  • Carer and client work together


 The Robin is perfect for:

  • Dementia care
  • Visually and hearing-impaired
  • Neurological
  • Mental health
  • Single handed care
  • Paediatrics

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