SoftAIR Excellence dynamic
SoftAIR Excellence dynamic
SoftAIR Excellence dynamic

SoftAIR Excellence dynamic mattress

The SoftAIR Excellence is a dynamic mattress replacement system designed for patients at 'Very High Risk'* of developing pressure ulcers or for clients having treatment for existing tissue damage. The mattress comes complete with a quiet user friendly control unit and is ideal for Acute, Community and Residential Care.

The SoftAIR Excellence features 19 dynamic alternating cells (two up one down, three cell cycle) with 3 remaining static in the head region. If required, each cell can be individually replaced with minimal disruption and provides an excellent cost saving option. In addition, the permanently inflated side walls provide a firm side support for clients which facilitates patient transfer

Dynamic Alternating Mattress:

SoftAIR Excellence is a dynamic mattress replacement system designed for patients at 'Very High Risk'*

* Essential nursing care is pivotal in pressure ulcer prevention. This mattress will positively contribute to the outcome of a pressure ulcer prevention care plan. Education, clinical judgement and action based planning based on vulnerability are fundamental factors in the prevention of pressure ulcers. A range of assessment scales can be used as a formal method of assessing risk from pressure ulcer development, and should be used in conjunction with an informal assessment (informed nursing judgement). Informal assessment is considered to be of greater importance and clinical value.

SoftAir pump

The SoftAIR pump features simple touch buttons which can be used to adjust pressure, mute the alarm and lock the pump panel. The pump can be set to either a static or dynamic mode, however, when in the static mode, the pump has an effective safety feature which automatically reverts the static mode to alternating mode after 30 minutes.

The pump also features an auto pressure detect facility which enables it to automatically sense back pressure from the client laying on the mattress. This ensures the mattress maintains the correct pressure for each client. In addition, the pump features both visual and audio alarms, which will activate in the event of a low pressure or power failure situation.


Therapeutic Air Cell Design:
The cells follow a 12 minute alternating (two up one down, three cell pattern) cycle relieving pressure and encouraging micro circulation. The cells at the head end remain static for client comfort. Easy access cells are fully replaceable. There is also an independent heel zone area consisting of five low pressure micro cells for individualised therapy to this sensitive area.The dynamic mattress features a hinged back which makes it highly compatible with profiling beds. This hinge prevents the air cells from becoming distorted.

High Frequency Welded, Multi Stretch PU Cover:
The cover has high frequency welded seams and a zip flap to prevent fluid ingress. It is made from multi stretch polyurethane material to reduce the effects of shear and friction. The cover is vapour permeable and has a quick zip which allows the top cover to be removed quickly. The cover is washable to 95° C.

CPR Tag and Transportation

CPR Tag:

The quick release CPR tag allows the mattress to rapidly deflate in emergency cases.

Carry Bag:

The mattress can be rolled and transported in the convenient wheeled transport bag which is provided with every mattress. The bag also has a side pocket for the control system.

Quick Zip:

All round zip on the top cover allows complete removal for laundering.


For ease of handling and transportation

Additional Features

Sheet Loops:

Allows the bed sheet to be loosely secured to the mattress whilst ensuring access to the CPR Tag.

Hinged Back

Designed for compatibility with a profiling bed to prevent distortion of the air cells.

Transportation Mode

A transportation clip can be inserted into the pump handle in order to keep the mattress inflated whilst the client is being transported. The mattress will remain inflated for up to 30 hours.

Securing Straps

Restraining straps are placed across the air cells to keep them in place when the client moves or when the bed is profiled. Security straps are also attached to secure the mattress to the bed.