EtudePlus Profiling Beds
EtudePlus Profiling Beds
EtudePlus Profiling Beds
EtudePlus Profiling Beds

Etude Plus Profiling Bed

The Etude Plus Profiling Bed
With its attractive aesthetics, flexible design and easy handling, the Etude Plus is ideal for Community and Residential care. The Etude Plus offers the option of innovative ‘Shear Management Technology',which helps to reduce shear and friction forces; key factor in the prevention of pressure ulcers. The backrest auto-regression mechanism swings up and back as the bed profiles, reducing the propensity for the client to slide down the bed.


Modern and Flexible
The streamlined, discreet design perfectly complements any interior. The bed can be configured with steel or wooden side rails with the option of ordering the bed with an extra wood plate to cover the bed end actuator if required. Small details make a big difference to personal comfort, as the Etude Plus can be customised with auto-regression for increased comfort and reduction in shear and friction.* A lockable hand control is also available for increased safety. The standard, built-in double-brackets are designed to suit any client’s transfer needs by offering different positions (entrance height of 400 mm or a lower alternative of 330 mm).

Easy handling & storage
Portability and storage are key benefits of the Etude Plus. Its simplistic design allows easy assembly and dismantling without tools, and the process can be safely and comfortably managed by one person (each section weighs less than 25 kg). The bed ends can be easily attached to the transport unit making the Etude Plus lightweight and manoeuvrable for handling and storage.

Highest possible safety levels
The Etude Plus fully conforms to IEC 60601-2-52, the standard for beds. This equates to the highest degree of safety for both client and carer. The Etude Plus is compatible with three different ranges of side rail which all meet these stringent safety standards.


  Built-In low version with double brackets
Easy and quick attachment of mattress support to bed ends in either 400-800 mm or 330-730 mm adjustment height.
  Easy Maintenance
Motors can be dismantled without tools.The cabling between the control unit and the motor is easy to access and replace.
  Shear Management Technology
Improved comfort when seated. Reduced shear and friction.
  Hand Control
Slim, ergonomic hand control. Choose with or without lockable functions (lockable handset available as an option).