44-7 Healthcare Curved Stairlift
24-7 Healthcare Curved Stairlift

247 Healthcare Curved Rail Stairlift System

The 24-7 Healthcare Curve Stairlift comes with a host of features and options to ensure a total bespoke fit to needs and circumstances.

For your comfort the 24-7 Healthcare Curve Stairlift incorporates a PDMC motor to ensure a smooth and gentle ride and the twin rail mechanical levelling system and special rail bending process provides for a gentler and steadier travel on turns and corners. In addition, the seat is ergonomically styled and incorporates plump padding and cushioning.

For your safety the 24-7 Healthcare Curve Stairlift comes with a retractable, car style seatbelt as standard and the seat can swivel away making it easier for you getting off at the top of the stairs. The footrest and carriage incorporate a number of pressure sensitive safety edges that stop the stairlift instantly should it come into contact with any obstructions. The motor has a special inbuilt safety brake that will slow the stairlift and prevent it from travelling too fast on decent. The unit also comes with a key-switch to prevent unauthorised use by visitors and young children.

Designed with the user in mind, the models available offer a wide variety of features in an elegant style that can be tailored to compliment your home and your needs. The compact designs minimise intrusion, leaving stairways clear for other users and are suitable for either straight or curved applications.


If your staircase requires a Stairlift that needs to negotiate landings and corners, you can rest assured that the 24-7 Healthcare Curve Stairlift was designed and built with you and your home exclusively in mind. The 120kg (19st) rated, 24-7 Healthcare Curved Stairlift is the most popular of our stairlift models.


Video Demonstration

Video of The 24-7 Healthcare Curve Stairlift in action

Standard features

Standard features

  • Folding seat, arms and footrest to maximise space
  • Manual seat swivel for safe and easy access to and from the stair lift
  • A slim line track nestles into the edge of the stairway
  • Adjustable seat height
  • Upholstered seat in a choice of colours
  • Durable anti-slip carpet on footrest
  • The footrest finishes level with the landing for easy and safe transfer
  • Simple, user-friendly controls positioned on the arm of the stairlift
  • Additional infrared hand-held controller with the option to be wall mounted
  • Diagnostic Digital Display

Safety Features

Safety features

  • Safety sensors stop the stairlift if it meets with an obstruction
  • Battery backup as standard meaning that you need not worry about being stranded in the event of a power cut
  • Seat belt for safety and comfort

Optional features

Optional features

  • Can be adapted for external use
  • Perch seat available for users with limited hip and knee flexibility
  • Powered seat swivel for comfort and freedom of movement
  • Linked footrest that will automatically fold up or down when the seat is folded thus removing the need for bending
  • Extended track allowing you to dismount directly onto the landing away from the stairs - also perfect for intermediate landings

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