Invacare Easy Fit Sling

Easy Fit Sling


Supports the whole body and the head, and is therefore suited for clients with the most challenging physical disabilities*.

The specially designed separate leg supports are easy to apply, and the sling affords a good hip position, which allows the client to sit relatively upright.

The Easy-fit sling is also well-suited for amputees.

lt is easy to apply in both sitting and lying positions.



Available sizes and product codes:

          Product Number / Material
Size A B C D Toileting - polyester toileting High - polyester
XS 1100 710 595 170 1451101 1451106
S 1130 760 640 180 1451102 1451107
M 1200 800 675 190 1451103 1451108
L 1270 860 210   1451104 1451109
XL 1390 940 220 760 1451105 1451110

* Following risk assessment


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