Invacare Standing Transfer Vest

Standing Transfer Vest


The Standing Transfer Vest is used for those with reduced balance and/or walking ability

The Standing Transfer Vest is applied around the trunk.

The client's feet must be on the floor and the client must also have some standing ability.

The vest is especially useful for toileting.

lt also reduces the risk of injury to the carer.

A groin support is available as an accessory to the Standing Transfer Vest, this helps keep the vest in place.



Sizes and product codes

      Product Number / Material
Size A B polyester Groin Band
XS 150 750 #1485404 -
S 150 850 #1485405 #1492662
M 180 950 #1485406 -
L 180 1050 #1484683 #1492663
XL 180 1200 #1484684 -


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