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Gantry hoist systems are floor-standing frames which can be used with a mains powered hoist unit or a battery powered portable hoist unit. While some frames are awkward and heavy to set up, all of the models offered here are chosen because they are well-designed and boast excellent usability. This often means they are lighter and more manageable. Our gantry hoists do not rely on support from the ceiling, making them suitable for properties where any potential structural issues have been encountered. And of course can be removed when not required.



Gantry Hoists

Castor portable freestanding lift stand

Castor is a safe, high-performance and portable ...

Invacare i-Transia Free standing Rail Gantry system

The Invacare I-Transia designed for low complexity and easy ...

Pollux portable freestanding lift stand (Bariatric)

SystemRoMedicâ„¢ - Pollux - Lifting Rail systems For ...

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