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Invacare EC Track system for use with Robin Hoist/Lifter

Robin Hoist with EC Track Gantry System

The Robin and Gantry track package is a super solution for those who require an overhead hoist but do not want to permanently attach a track to their walls or ceiling.

Gantry systems are ideal when there is a short to medium term requirement or in instances where a permanent install is simply not possible.This makes it a perfect choice for health trusts as it can easily be re-issued to another user.

Key features of The EC Track Gantry

  • Tracks on "legs" therefore there's no need for installing tracks in wall or ceiling.
  • EC- Gantry is very easy to install and dismount
  • once mounted it is very easy to raise and lower the gantry without using tools.
  • Width Adjustable - choice of 4 sizes.

Robin Hoist with EC Track Gantry System

Robin Hoist Unit

The Robin Overhead Hoist unit:

The Robin ceiling hoist provides a unique and innovative method of transfer with care. Ensuring excellent personal contact the two strap design offers comfort and efficiency in a safe handling environment. The Robin has no obstructive spreader bar; offering a safe and dignified transfer with optimal client and carer contact.

  • Very easy to use, the Robin provides a stable and comfortable lifting process.
  • No spreader bar required - optimal contact between the client and carer, with no risk or injury.
  • The carer has both hands free for nursing care. There is no need to have one hand on the spreader bar.
  • No need to change the size of the spreader bar - the straps adjust automatically to the size of the client.
  • The Robin Hoist is compatible with most track systems.

Robin Hoist Key Features

Key Features of Robin Hoist unit

  • Emergency stop and lowering
  • Hand control with clear raised buttons
  • Strap inlet self adjusts automatically to client's size
  • Cable disengages to avoid damage from hand control pull along
  • Hook self locks when weighted
  • Blue light illuminates when motor is in use and signal light flashes when battery is low
  • Maximum Weight : 200 Kg/32 stone
  • Lifts per charge: Approximately 40. based on (client weight of 85Kg, 50cm up/down).
  • Voltage between battery/hoist: 24V DC

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