Propad Mattress Overlay
Propad Mattress Overlay
Propad Mattress Overlay

Propad Mattress Overlay

The original and still the best mattress overlay you can provide for your patients…

Widely used by health professionals in hospitals, nursing homes and in the community, the Propad Overlay has proved itself to be an essential element of a successful pressure care programme.

*Essential nursing care is pivotal in pressure ulcer prevention. This overlay will positively contribute to the outcome of a pressure ulcer prevention care plan. Education, clinical judgement and action planning based on vulnerability are fundamental factors in the prevention of pressure ulcers. The Waterlow score is a formal method of assessing risk from pressure ulcer development, and should be used in conjunction with an informal assessment (informed nursing judgement). Informal assessment is considered to be of greater importance and clinical value.


  • Foam core has independent, geometrically-cut surface cells
  • Larger, more supportive cells at the centre; smaller cells at the ends of the foam core.
  • Network of “keyhole” channels at the base of each cell
  • Constructed from superior quality foam
  • Cover is two-way stretch, water resistant and vapour-permeable
  • Covers have an anti-slip base
  • Cover zips along three sides
  • Cover can be unzipped and removed from foam core
  • Cover is machine washable at temperatures up to 80º C
  • Available in Single, Double and King Size (special sizes available on request)


  • Significantly reduces shear and friction whilst increasing the support surface area, thereby reducing peak pressure.
  • Allows even weight distribution by conforming to the shape and form of the body, and cradles bony prominences.
  • Affords essential air circulation within the overlay, minimising the build-up of heat and moisture, and helping to reduce shear and friction.
  • Offers exceptional pressure reducing qualities whilst enhancing product longevity.
  • Facilitates patient movement – reduces potential for shear and friction and ensures good air circulation, reducing the potential for skin maceration.
  • Ensures safe use of the overlay, and helps prevent slippage.
  • Facilitates easy inspection of the foam core.
  • Covers can be laundered for ease of cleaning and to aid infection control.
  • Ensures Propad is particularly appropriate for home use.



RISK - High Risk / Elevated Risk*
WARRANTY - 3 years
REPLACEMENTS - All parts replaceable
WEIGHT LIMIT - 17 stone / 108 kg
DEPTH - 8.5 cm
COVERS - Dura Cover

Available Sizes


Single: M210/D010
Double: M210DB/D010/DB
King Size: M210/D010/5’

Single: 3.8" x 34.5" x 3.3/8" (187.5 x 87.6 x 8.5 cm)
Double: 73.8" x 54" x 3.3/8" (187.5 x 137.2 x 8.5 cm)
King Size: 78" x 60" x 3.3/8" (198.0 x 152.4 x 8.5 cm)